Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme 2022-23: Last Date, Apply Online, Eligibility, Benefits

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Online Registration for Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme Diesel Subsidy | Raitha Shakti Scheme Karnataka Apply Online, Benefits & Eligibility | The Department of Agriculture provides extra benefits to farmers, and the “Raita Shakti Yojana” will be launched soon to alleviate their burden. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai launched the Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme. The strategy will incentivize farmers to use their farm machinery, resulting in increased productivity. Beneficiaries of this scheme will receive subsidized diesel for farmers. Beneficiaries will receive their payments through the debt system. This page will explain the Raitha Shakti Scheme, why it was developed, and how many benefits the government will deliver as a result of this program.

Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme 2022-23
Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme 2022-23

Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme 2022-23

Karnataka’s chief minister introduced a new program called Karnataka Raitha Shakti in the state budget for 2022-2023. This plan provides farmers with subsidized fuel for the sole aim of lessening the farmer’s financial burden from pricey disease. As you are all aware, diesel-powered machinery are incredibly crucial in farming, and farmers cannot function without them. Because the price of fuel has risen dramatically, now is an excellent time for the State Government to implement this scheme, which will only benefit farmers in the state. The government has set out around 500 crore rupees to cover the full implementation and execution of this strategy from start to finish. The state has no such program for farmers. This plan encourages farmers to use modern technologies to make their farms more productive and save money on fuel.
All of the initiatives designed by the Agriculture Department for the state’s farmers are now carried out using the Kisan software, which is accessed through the FRUITS portal and uses the registration ID number. All farmers in the state who are registered on the FRUITS website would be able to participate in the Raitha Shakti Yojana, which will be implemented in a similar manner using Direct Transfer (DBT) and Kisan software.
CM also offered other measures to improve infrastructure after harvesting and encouraged farmers to add value to their crops. Common farm produce organizations are appropriate locations to start with post-harvest management, marketing, and exporting agricultural products by developing a Rs 50 crore program.

Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme Karnataka Overview

  • Name of scheme     – Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme
  • Launch By      – The CM of Karnataka, Basavaraj Bommai
  • Launch Date    – 5 March 2022
  • Objectives       – Provide diesel at a discounted price
  • Beneficiaries   – Farmers of Karnataka
  • Website    – https://fruits.karnataka.gov.in/

Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme Objectives

The primary purpose for the Karnataka Chief Minister starting the Raitha Shakti program was to alleviate the financial strain that farmers face due to the high cost of gasoline while also promoting the use of agricultural machinery.

Benefits of the Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme

  • Beneficiary farmers would each receive a diesel subsidy of 250 rupees (per acre of land)
  • The most assistance will be provided for plots of land larger than 5 acres.
  • The subsidy money would be put directly into the recipients’ bank accounts digitally and in a timely way.
  • Krishi Yantra share centers are also sprouting up around the state to provide agriculture equipment to small and marginal farmers.
  • The government plans to construct a cold storage facility in the Vijapura district village of Toravi. The majority of the state’s vineyards are located here. The Karnataka Grape and Wine Board have set aside 35 crores for the construction of a cold storage facility.

Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme Scheme Eligibility

  • Applicants must be from Karnataka state.
  • The applicant must be a farmer.
  • Applicants must have their own land.
  • The people who will benefit from this program are going to be any farmers in the state who have signed up for the FRUITS cash scheme via its online portal.

Documents Required for Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme

  • Aadhar card.
  • Address Proof.
  • Mobile Number.

Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme Application Procedure

  • First, access the official website for this scheme on your device.
  • The home page will be displayed on your device.
  • Then, on this portal, you must create an ID for farmer registration (you can only sign up for this plan if you have an ID for fruits). When you must apply for the programme through the site.
  • Simply seek for the sign-up option and click on it. A new page will be added.
  • No, fill out all of the requested information and upload all required documents. Then, select “Register” from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be successfully registered.

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