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MEDISEP is a health insurance scheme for government employees and pensioners in the state of Kerala. The Kerala MEDISEP Scheme provides health insurance to government employees and pensioners. This plan covered ailments and treatments around 1920. The Medisep ID Card is an essential card in the medical system. By presenting the card to the hospital administration immediately, the holder of this card can make use of the plan’s cashless facility. So, in today’s essay, we’ll learn what a Medisep ID Card is and how any recipient can apply for one and obtain it from the website. We’ll go over how to use the website to check the status of your Medicare.

Medisep ID Card Download 2022:
Medisep ID Card Download 2022:

A Medisep ID Card is a vital card for the medication plan. The MEDICEP card serves as an ID card for the medication program, and the member can conveniently obtain all applicable benefits from the related hospital. The Kerala MEDICEP scheme has an official website where beneficiaries can obtain this card.
A Medisep ID Card is an essential piece of documentation for the medication plan. The MEDICEP card acts as an identification card for the pharmaceutical program, and the member can quickly access all eligible benefits from the associated hospital. Beneficiaries can receive this card via the Kerala MEDICEP scheme’s official website.
  • On the Medisep ID Card, it contains the list of beneficiary names from the family of the beneficiary under the medisep scheme.
  • Also, the car displays the status of the family member whether the policy is active or not.
  • On the card, it also displayed the name of the beneficiary, DOB, gender, age, and policy status.

Medcard Kerala Overview

  • Article Name    – Medisep ID Card Download
  • Scheme Name    – MEDICEP Kerala Scheme
  • launched by       – Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said
  • Year                   –      2022
  • State            –     Kerala
  • Online Application Starting Date    – 1 July 2022
  • Online Application Last Date      – 31 December 2022
  • Beneficiaries     – Pensioners and employees
  • Official Website      –

Medisep ID Card Benefits 

  • The MEDICEP scheme would benefit 30 million people and will provide 3 lakh rupees per year. The program covers around 1,920 operations and treatments. Beneficiaries could get a total of roughly 6 lakh rupees through the “floater method.”
  • The program pays for hospital expenses such as accommodation, food, prescription drugs, doctor and staff fees, and medical expenses.
  • As the medisep system provides advantages not just to the employee but also to family members,

How to Check the MEDICEP ID Number

  • To download the card, the recipient must have the MEDICEP ID number that was provided to them when they applied for the card. Or by:
  • Navigate to the medicep portal’s official webpage.
  • The status is visible in the menu on the website’s homepage. Simply click on it.
  • Following that, another page containing the name and status will show.
  • On this screen, you must first select the beneficiary’s category. Employee or retiree
  • Select the employee ID number.
  • Toggle to “Birthdate.”
  • Examine the MEDICEP ID Number
  • Then, from the list of alternatives, choose a department; examples include educational, industrial, and so on.
  • The employee’s status will be displayed on the screen.
  • From there, the medisep ID employee can be seen and can be noted down.

How to Download Medisep ID Card/ Medcard

  • The process for downloading the medication ID card displayed below is quite basic and straightforward.
  • First, go to the MEDISEP scheme’s official website.
  • The button “download medcard” can be found on the homepage below.
  • After clicking on this link, you will be redirected to a new page with a login page.
  • On this login screen, you must enter a username and password.
  • As the username, enter your Medisep ID number, and your PAN number as the password.
  • When you log in, you will see a screen that displays all of the beneficiary’s information.
  • There is an option to download a health card. You will click on it.
  • The Medisep ID card could therefore be downloaded using this method. 


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