PM Shri school yojana | Pradhan Mantri schools for rising India (PM-SHRI) yojana

PM Shri school yojana: The Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi has announced to start of a new scheme to give a new look to the old schools and to connect children with smart education. The name of this scheme is PM SHRI Yojana. Which has been announced by the Prime Minister through a tweet on the occasion of Teacher’s Day on Monday, September 5, 2022. In this tweet, he said that “Today on Teacher’s Day, I am happy to announce a new initiative. Under the Prime Minister School for Rising India (PM-SHRI) yojana, 14500 schools across India will be developed and upgraded. All these will become model schools and will contain the full spirit of the National Education Policy (NEP). So come and know through this article of ours why the PM Shree scheme is being started by the government. Along with this, to get all the important information related to PM SHRI School Yojana, definitely read this article of ours.

PM Shri school yojana
PM Shri school yojana

PM SHRI School Yojana

PM Shree School Yojana has been started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Through this scheme, 14500 old schools will be upgraded across India. Through this scheme, a modern, transformative, and holistic way of imparting education will be brought into the upgraded schools. There will be a special focus on the latest technology, smart classes, sports, and modern infrastructure. The Prime Minister has told in his tweet that the National Education Policy has changed the education sector in recent years. I am sure PM Shree Schools Yojana will benefit millions of students across India in the spirit of NEP. Through PM SHRI Yojana, the structure of old schools will be made beautiful, strong, and attractive. According to some information, at least one PM Shree school Yojana will be established in every block of the country and one secondary and senior secondary school in each district of the country will also be linked with this scheme.

27,360 crore approved for PM-Shri School Yojana

Happiness in Schools! Major investment in upgrading and restructuring the school. This initiative will benefit the Central Government, Union Territory, and State and local schools. More than 18 lakh students are expected to be the direct beneficiaries of the scheme. The Union Cabinet approved the PM-Shri project for the upgradation of 14,500 schools in five years and a total of Rs 27,360 crore. The Center will provide Rs. 18,128 crores for the initiative. DBT funding will go directly to schools Principals and school committees can decide how to spend 40% of their cash. The schools will be “green”, using eco-friendly These schools will also examine the environmental traditions and practices, etc. under this scheme. The schools themselves apply online on the official web portal of the scheme. There are three stages in the selection process. States/UTs agree to fully adopt the NEP, and the Center is committed to helping schools achieve quality assurance.

PM SHRI School Yojana: Key Features

Name Of YojanaPM-Shri School Yojana
Declared ByPrime Minister Narendra Modi
Declared Cate5th September 2022
PurposeUpgrading India’s Old Schools
How many schools will be upgraded14,500 School
Type Of YojanaCentral government Yojana
PM-Shri School Yojana

14,500 schools will be upgraded? under PM Shree School Yojana

About 14500 old schools in India will be upgraded through this scheme. While upgrading these old schools, special emphasis will be laid on modern infrastructure including modern beautiful structures, smart classrooms, and sports. All these schools will be established on the lines of Kendriya Vidyalaya which will be established in all the states of the country. Under the PM SHRI School Yojana, the central government will bear the cost of upgrading 14500 schools and the state government will be given the responsibility of implementing and monitoring the scheme. Under this scheme, the children of common people will get a chance to get a good education through the upgraded school. Due to this, his future will flourish and he too will be able to play his part in the development of India by being educated.

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PM SHRI School Yojana: Objective

The main objective of the PM Shree School Yojana is to upgrade 14,500 old schools in India. So that by giving a new design to these schools, children can be connected with smart education. The upgraded PM Shree schools under the PM Shree School Yojana will reflect all the components of the National Education Policy and will function as model schools. Apart from this, will also guide other schools. The PMO has said “the objective of these schools will not only be quality teaching, learning, and cognitive development but also to create holistic and well-rounded citizens in line with the skill needs of the 21st century.” Through PM SHRI Yojana, now poor children will also be able to join smart schools, which will give a different identity to India’s education sector.

What will be special in PM SHRI School

  • The updated PM Shree schools under PM SHRI School Yojana will have the latest technology, smart education, and modern infrastructure.
  • PM Shree schools will have a glimpse of all the components of the National Education Policy (NEP).
  • These schools will also guide other schools around them.
  • These schools will have education from pre-primary to 12th standard.
  • Apart from this, state-of-the-art labs will be set up in them. So that students can learn from practice apart from books.
  • The focus will be on sports for pre-primary and primary children.
  • So that their physical development can be done.
  • This scheme will upgrade PM Shree schools according to modern needs.
  • Due to this, the modern needs of the children will be fulfilled and they will be able to receive education in a good environment.

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