Top 5 EV (Electric Vehicle) stocks under 500 in India | Top 5 ev stocks in India

Top 5 ev stocks in India: Currently, Elon Musk’s electric vehicle and battery producer Tesla dominates the EV industry, but the electric car disruption can be observed in India, with government initiatives to reduce dependency on oil imports and subsidies like FAME that have been providing impetus to EV sales in numerous states.

As we all know, automakers will not be the only ones to benefit from this megatrend. There are opportunities in a variety of industries. Many stocks have now become proxy plays for investors eager to participate in the global EV revolution.
In this Blog, we will look at the Top 5 EV (Electric Vehicle) stocks in India under 500 in the industry and the kind of returns they generate for investors.

1. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Indian Oil stock Price
Indian Oil stock Price
Indian Oil presently provides EV charging stations in over 500 towns and cities, as well as on several state and national roads. According to the statement, the corporation intends to build a network of 3000 charging stations around the country in order to convert highways into e-highways over the next three years.

2. Power Grid corporation of india

power grid Stock price
power grid Stock price

Power Grid corporation: Charging Infrastructure

POWEGRID is establishing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure around the country with the purpose of increasing EV penetration, which embodies improvements in energy security, sustainability, emission reduction, and environmentally pleasant transportation. POWERGRID’s EV charging system would enable E-Mobility solutions in road transport, including Electric 2-Wheelers, E-Rickshaws/Autos, E-Cars, Buses, and so on.

Power Grid corporation: EV Charging Station

POWERGRID EV charging stations (EVCS) are intelligent and self-sufficient. All charging stations contain DC Fast Chargers to allow for rapid EV charging.
We are currently using DC-001 chargers (15 kW). Furthermore, the implementation of multi-modal charging stations with CCS II, Bharat DC 001, CHAdeMO, and others is underway, and will accommodate to each and every e-car plying in the country.
POWERGRID is also looking into developing a battery charging-cum-swapping system for two-wheelers and e-rickshaws/autos, as well as charging infrastructure for e-buses, among other things.

3. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC )

NTPC  stock price
NTPC  stock price

NTPC Signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with Vehicle Aggregators Ola, Lithium, Shuttl, Bikxie, Bounce, Electrie, and Zoom Car for the construction and utilisation of public charging infrastructure. This collaboration with Aggregators, who have a presence throughout the whole spectrum of e-mobility in India, will result in the construction of charging infrastructure for various vehicle segments as well as the effective use of public charging infrastructure.
NTPC has already built charging stations at its power plants and regional offices. In addition, the company has collaborated with IOCL, HPCL, and DMRC to construct public charging infrastructure. With these collaborations, NTPC intends to provide a broad-based charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, thereby addressing the issue of range anxiety for these vehicles.

4. Tata Power

tata power return last 5 year
tata power stockprice

Tata Power has signed an agreement with the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) to establish 5,000 EV charging points across Maharashtra, a step toward speeding the deployment of EV charging infrastructure.
Tata Power will offer full EV charging options across NAREDCO member developers’ properties. This will include the installation, maintenance, and upgrade of the chargers as needed.
Through Tata Power’s EZ Charge mobile app, EV owners at NAREDCO’s member developers’ properties will have 24×7 access to car charging, monitoring, and e-payments. The collaboration is a significant step toward lowering carbon emissions and increasing e-mobility usage in Maharashtra.

5. Exide Industries Ltd

Exide Industries Ltd share return in last 1 year
exide share price

Exide Industries Ltd. has signed a multi-year deal with SVOLT Energy Technology Co. Ltd. of China as part of its strategy to manufacture electric car batteries in India.
Exide stated that it is in the process of establishing a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) through a wholly-owned subsidiary to carry out its lithium-ion cell manufacturing business. The company is in the final stages of negotiating the land parcel for this facility.
The battery manufacturer has previously participated in the Ministry of Heavy Industries’ Production-Linked Incentives (PLI) scheme for the national initiative on Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) battery storage. The PLI for advanced chemistry cell (ACC) batteries is expected to be Rs. 18,100 crore.
DISCLAMER:  These are not recommendations for any funds or stocks and are just intended for educational purposes only.

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